Breadmaker Concept

Product Design & Eng. | 21/09 - 16/12/20
Submitted Project (Grade: 74%)

Completed as part of DM314: Individual Integrating Project, a class in my 3rd year at the University of Strathclyde. Module aim: "To develop design and manufacturing project based skills... and to provide practice in the application of engineering, manufacture and design principles".


Reference Images


My methodology for an innovative and challenging product design was based around a simple and clean (Scandinavian-based) aesthetic inspired by the above persona and moodboard; a technical engineering design that is robust and efficient; and a usable product that requires little-to-no prior experience to use on a daily basis.


Generation & Development

Technical Layout

The design and technical layout of the bread maker was determined by the target market and accompanying research illustrate above. The key functionality and description of the breadmaker is stated... "To provide the target user/market with a breadmaker for traditional-styled loaves and breads at the quality standard of a bakery; including freshness, taste and shape."


  • Motor spins the Motor Gear fixed to its spindle.
  • The Motor Gear then spins the taut Belt Drive around it's knurled outer surface.
  • The speed of the Belt Drive is translated to the Reduced Gear Wheel which is fixed to the Gear Spindle/Axle.
  • The Gear Spindle/Axle then translates its spin to the Coupling Mechanism System. Which provides the paddle’s motion for bread-making.

Drive Mechanism

Coupling Mechanism

  • The Gear Spindle/Axle is spinning as a result of the above Drive Mechanism.
  • The Brass bushing constrains the Gear Spindle/Axle centrally, allowing it to rotate.
  • The Insulator Coupling Driver (fixed to the Gear Spindle/Axle) engages the Bread Pan Coupling Driver on the opposing Paddle Spindle/ Axle.
  • The second brass bushing constrains the Paddle Spindle/Axle centrally, allowing it to rotate about its central axis.
  • The Push fit Bread Pan Oil Seal provides a seal for the entire system and the bread pan; this part is for preventing leakage.

Unique Features

User Interface

Display & Dial Assembly

The developed concepts featured unique elements which would distinguish the concept from current market products. The functionality and usability of this concept is based around a 6.8" display and three dials situated to the right of the model. This form of input improves the user friendliness and represents an innovative approach to current bread maker interfaces.