Curiosity Speaker

Emotional Design | 21/09 - 17/12/20
Submitted Project (Grade: 74%)

Formspeak, the title of class DM300's brief, was a project in the fourth year of my Bachelor's degree at the University of Strathclyde. The project was focused on defining an emotion to guide the development process of a speaker. A reflective journal/diary was kept throughout.

Digital render of the Curisoity Speaker on a bench


Reference Images #1

Reference Images #2

The speaker was designed around a focus on the emotion, curiosity. This can be an impulsive response to a ‘priming dose’ (e.g. an unexpected sound) which intrigues individuals to find out more. The speaker attempts to emulate this response through high contrast colour, form and finish.

Concept Generation

Journal Sketches #1

Journal Sketches #2

Journal sketches contributed to the majority of the concept generation phase. Journal Sketches #1 and #2 illustrate some of the earlier entries to the diary, and feature a broad range of the concepts that would be carried through to the Concept Development phase.

Concept Development

Procreate Render

Basic CAD #1/2

Basic CAD #3

The Concept Development phase referenced the above emotional colour wheel to influence the speaker's CMF. After this, basic CAD was utilised to develop the concept further, the images above represent 3 iterations of the form in open and closed positions.

Paper White Model #1

Paper White Model #2

Although basic, Paper White Model #1 was important in identifiying the speaker's overall size and rounded shape. Paper White Model #2 improved upon the general idea of Paper White Model #1 and was instrumental in the development of creating the final form in CAD.

CAD Modelling

Exploded View

The Curiosity Speaker's Name and CMF details are listed in the table opposite. The small speaker system is housed in a plastic casing and interference fit to the speaker base. The majority of the speaker's materials are composed of plastic which are cool and neutral in tone, to contrast with the grille's vibrant gradient.