Mitchell Trotter

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I’m a creative and motivated undergraduate student with an unwavering passion for design, engineering and the combination of both in manufacturing robust solutions. I’ve been fortunate to have experience as an engineering intern, part-time employee in hospitality/leisure, and graphic designer for several clients. I’m eager to apply the transferrable skills gained from these experiences and begin utilising my technical and practical knowledge from University, as a full-time graduate.

🎓 Education

2017-2021: Strathclyde University – MEng (Hons) Product Design Engineering

Pass at Distinctionachieved in my 4th Year (2020/21), expected graduation in June 2022 (1:1)

Subjects: Design, Manufacturing, and Engineering Management classes. Including: Industrial Design (CAD/Interaction/Emotion), Engineering Disciplines (Mechanics/Thermodynamics/Electrical), Mechatronics, Engineering Materials, Manufacturing (CAM/Production Techniques) and Engineering Management

Feb-May 2020: Danmarks Tekniske Universitet – 2nd Semester Exchange

Subjects: Design of Plastic Products (Part & Mould Design), Robust Design of Mechanisms (Statistical Tolerance Analysis), Innovation Pilot

🧱 Technical Skills

(*self-taught, †4+ Years)

👷 Relevant Experience

Spirit AeroSystems, Project Management / Engineering Intern: 07/21 – 09/21

Individual Bachelor’s Project, Redesign of an Automotive Headlamp: 09/20 - 05/21 (Grade: 71%)

Mitchmaking, Personal Graphic and Motion Design Projects: 2016 - Present

South Ayrshire Council, Leisure Attendant / Lifeguard: 06/18 – 09/19

🏆 Qualifications & Achievements

🏀 Hobbies & Interests


I played Bagpipes in the 1st Troon Boys’ Brigade Pipe Band, working my way up to Pipe Sergeant in my final year, 2016. We won all major competition titles - Scottish, British and European in 2012, and World Championships in 2016. Following this was an invitation to China in 2013 to play in a series of festivals in Liuzhou, Beijing, and Shanghai. I continue to play my own set of bagpipes in my free time and for friends and family.


Cycling is one of my favourite past times and is an effective form of reflection on the other aspects of my life. Cycling is a useful means of clearing my mind of all stressors; allowing for essential rest and rejuvenation. I've found this to improve my work ethic during term-time at University. Especially since co-founding and performing a temporary secretary role in the Strathclyde University Road Club, where I planned for weekend outings and other activities. Alongside participating in the weekly training and road cycle program.

Graphic Design

I use Graphic Design throughout my personal and academic life as a method of improving the communication and presentation of ideas and various works. I also employ graphic design as a service - designing logos, business cards, flyers and more. This past time helps me to exercise my creativity and problem-solving abilities.