4:3 Draft 3


My brother Miles Trotter, set up MTFilms in 2013 to begin offering his skills as a videographer; and more recently as an aerial photographer/surveyor. In 2019, he is now a prolific figure in the Scottish film industry and beyond. As of 2016, I started getting into graphic design, and began working with Miles on a variety of small projects, including a collaborative project for US luggage company, ECBC.

4:3 Animation

Not all projects made it through the prototyping stage, 'four by three' is an example of this. Four by Three would have been a series of short mountain-biking movies shot in film's original 4:3 aspect ratio. However, due to MTFilms' growth as a business, this project was left on the back burner and would never see the light of day.

We were left with the final title animation to show for the project and all of the drafts before that, illustrated below.

Title Animation

A bigger project was centered around a title animation for his videos. This animation was designed to either play at the beginning or the end of his videos; and to promote himself in a sophisticated and appropriate graphic.

With a background in film and TV, I thought it would be right to reflect this in his title sequence. The animation features a noisy background in the shape of an old CRT TV, with his logo shimmering in low-resolution and broken text. The animation is tracked to the sounds of an old projector spool, ending in a CRT power off sound.

4:3 Animation

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4:3 Draft 1

4:3 Draft 3

Business Card

MTFilms' business card was my second project for Miles. It was an opportunity for me to improve my 2-D, graphic artwork skills and really test the limits of what a business card could feature. 

To carry on the running theme of film/retro inspired graphics and after much sketching/ideating, I landed on the idea to model one side of the card after a CRT TV. With the 'MTFilms' logo on the screen. Initially, I found a suitable reference image from the internet that matched the particular aesthetic I was after. From there, I began developing the graphic in Adobe's Illustrator and Photoshop packages.

Asset 1

Detail 1

Asset 2

4:3 Draft 2

4:3 Draft 4

TV Side

The TV side consumed most of my time for this project; since the contact side was just dedicated to the necessary information I could really zone in on the detail that the TV deserved.


My favourite part was working on the control layout pictured in Detail 1. This was due to the number of distinct features that I wanted to take from Asset 2, that first needed to be recreated and then shaded/highlighted appropriately. Doing so gave justice to the vintage television and helped me to replicate that era as best I could.

Contact Side

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