Rhythm Health

Branding Design | 09/17 - 07/18

I was approached by Rhythm Health in late 2017 to design a motion graphic of their trademark logo. Pictured below is the final animation commissioned by Rhythm.​ Subsequent to the first commission detailed above, Rhythm asked if I could design a promotion for their breakout into selected Sainsbury's stores. Shown below is the Sainsbury's promotion and some of the decision making behind both commissions.

Rhythm Logo Animation

With Rhythm's logo, I wanted to animate flow. Hence, this brief that I set myself was to help reflect Rhythm's focus towards drinks/fluid products and "finding your inner rhythm". This was the inspiration for the fluid-like motions and tightly packed actions.

Sketches 1

After Effects set-up

To prepare the logo and accompanying graphics for animation in Adobe After Effects, all moving elements must be separated by layer. Subsequent to this, the static graphics can be imported into the program and animated.

Rhythm Sainsbury's Advert

The Sainsbury's promotion functioned as an advertisement for the three flavours which were to go on sale in stores. The advert was promoted on Instagram so it had to be short, to the point and looping. With this in mind I featured the three bottles with all necessary text, transitioning smoothly from beginning to end.